Artesia Community Theatre          Artesia, New Mexico

The Artesia Community Theatre (ACT), a self-supporting division of the Artesia Arts Council, Inc. is endeavoring to bring various types of theatre experience to the community.






Tickets may be purchased online at or at the Ocotillo Box Office 



March 23-25, 2013

2013 Theatre New Mexico State AACTFest

Los Alamos, New Mexico




Brown Bag Theatre

In June, of course, we will present Brown Bag Theatre in Heritage Walkway to round out our season.  As always, these productions will be short, sweet and free to the public on the first three Wednesdays in June, and don’t forget the evening encore presentation for those unable to make the noon performances.



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We not only want to announce our new season but are also seeking your monetary support of our productions and programs through various patron classifications.  Receipts for tax purposes and membership cards will be issued to all who pay ACT membership fees.  This year’s special offer for Patron levels of membership is vouchers for the December production of “Tuna Christmas”.  Choice of the Stagehand Patron level will receive a voucher for 1/2 off the ticket price, the Design Technician Patron will receive a voucher for 1free ticket, the Actor’s Guild Patron a voucher for 2 free tickets, the Director’s Chair for 3, the Producing Angels for 4, and the ArchAngels Patron will receive a voucher for 5 free tickets.  The vouchers will be mailed upon receipt of your membership form and dues.  Thank you to those of you who have supported us in the past and we ask others to consider joining our membership or attending  the upcoming performances.


You may call Linda Van Der Veen @ 575-703-7766 with any questions.  With your support and continued attendance, we hope to bring you many more quality theatre productions for many years to come!


The Artesia Community Theatre (ACT), a self-supporting division of the Artesia Arts Council, Inc., is endeavoring to bring various types of theatre experience to the community.  Your continued support,  encouragement and attendance will enable you and other members of the community

to look forward to quality theatre productions.


Any and all donations to the Artesia Community Theatre, whether they be monetary, costumes, props, etc., are gratefully accepted and appreciated.



Artesia Community Theatre

PO Box 1233

Artesia, NM  88211-1233



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Membership fees are in effect August 1st through July 31st, renewable on a yearly basis. 

All members are allowed—and encouraged—to attend and vote during all ACT meetings. 

All ACT Patron sponsorships are also renewable yearly. 

Our patrons, in addition to holding ACT membership, will be listed by category in all ACT programs. 






Second Tuesday of each month — Reader’s Theatre     currently suspended  



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The aim of art is to represent not the

outward appearance of things,

but their inward significance.

- Aristotle



A Theatre Dictionary


IN is down, DOWN is front

OUT is up, UP is back

OFF is out, ON is in,

RIGHT is left, LEFT is right.

A DROP shouldn’t and a

BLOCK AND FALL does neither.

A PROP doesn’t,

And a COVE has no water.

TRIPPING is okay.

A RUNNING CREW rarely gets anywhere,

A PURCHASE LINE will buy you nothing.

A TRAP will not catch anything.

STRIKE is work (in fact, lots of work).

And a GREEN ROOM, thankfully, usually isn’t.

Now that you’re fully versed in theatrical terms,

BREAK A LEG - but not really!






The art of moving actors on the stage

in such a manner as not to collide with the walls,

the furniture, the orchestra pit or each other. 

Similar to playing chess, except that the pawns

want to argue with you.