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Thanks for your continued support of Artesia Community Theatre.

Here is a look at some upcoming events!

Next ACT Board/Membership Meeting will be held Sunday, August 28, 2016 at
First Christian Church (Parlor if available).
Since the 1st Sunday of September is part of the holiday weekend, we opted for the 28th.

"Jake Revolver, Freelance Secret Agent" was a finalist in the Rover Dramawerks Comedy Play Contest and
received its world premiere production in Milwaukee, WI produced by Milwaukee Entertainment Group, June, 2015.
And the playwright has informed us, this will the first time "Jake" has been performed in New Mexico!  Sandy Schuetz
has agreed to direct and gave Honk! cast members first try for the parts.

TEASER: "Wherever there's a right needing to be wronged, he'll be there. Whenever there's food needed to be
eaten, he'll have a fork. And whatever you can do, he can do better. Some say he's not human. Others say he's
just a man. Only a small percentage say he's a woman. But no matter what he is, his name and title remains the
same. Into the light of the dark black night comes...Jake Revolver, Freelance Secret Agent!"

SYNOPSIS: In this radio-noir, private detective parody, Jake Revolver fights against conspiracy, double cross and
self-reference to uncover the killer of his own narrator! Meant to be performed live on stage as the premiere episode
of a nineteen-forties live radio broadcast complete with foley artistry and on-stage standup microphones, "Jake
Revolver, Freelance Secret Agent" is packed with puns, play on words, oodles of self-referential absurdity (and
Beatles references?) In the tradition of Firesign Theater, "Jake Revolver, Freelance Secret Agent" combines
slapstick, screwball humor, commercial spoofs and a murder mystery for a stylish and ridiculous tour de force
Matthew Konkel (Playwright) is an award winning film-producer and screenwriter of two short films and one full-length
feature. His short film "I Want You To Know" was the first place jury winner of the 2008 Milwaukee Show film festival.
His short film "The Bully" (2010) was the recipient of numerous awards and was part of thirteen film festivals across
the country. His feature film "Neptune" from LAST HOUSE PRODUCTIONS premiered in May 2015.

We're also looking at doing another Murder Mystery Dinner soon.  Let us know if you had fun at "Murder in
Manhattan" last year and would like for us to have another one later this Fall.  Or do you have an idea for something
different you'd like to see us try?  Email
Reginia with your suggestions.

Don't forget to add these events to your calendars!  Hope to see you soon!
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The Artesia Community Theatre (ACT),
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Arts Council, Inc. is endeavoring to
bring various types of theatre
experience to the community.

As the ACT continues to grow with each
new season, your continued support and
encouragement will enable you and
other members of the community to
look forward to more productions. Any
and all donations to the Artesia
Community Theatre, whether they be
monetary, costumes, props, etc. are
gratefully accepted and appreciated.

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